Help us test the Savvity Android app!

2018-06-08 04:53 #0 by: Niklas

We have been developing mobile apps for Savvity for a while, and now the Android app is ready for you to test. You can download it here:

» Savvity – Appar på Google Play

These are the main features of this first version of the app:

  • Register and login as a Savvity member.

  • Read and write posts and comments in official and favorite communities.

  • Edit posts and comments.

  • Like posts.

  • Report posts.

  • Read and write personal messages.

If you find any bugs, please describe them in comments below.

An app for iPhone and iPad is on its way. It's just that the launch processes are different so we will get back to you as soon as it is ready.

I hope you like what we have done so far. Give us a lot of stars in Google Play if you do. :-)

2018-06-18 15:59 #1 by: =^_^=

I'm not sure if it's because of the app or what, but it didn't work when I tried to upload a photo (through the app). However, it worked perfectly fine when I uploaded it normally. A window pops up saying "no files uploaded" and the thing that spins round and round just keeps spinning "forever" without anything happening. Just wanted to mention it.

2018-06-18 17:17 #2 by: Niklas

Was the photo over 5 megabyte?

2018-06-18 17:20 #3 by: =^_^=

No. I tried with two different photos, 3.86MB and 4.08MB

2018-06-18 17:28 #4 by: Niklas

Okay. Could you send one or both of them to me so I can do some testing?

2019-01-12 11:39 #5 by: Max

Hi Niklas can you tell me if the app or savvity in general is available or usable in China?

2019-01-12 17:15 #6 by: Evelina

#5 That's a good question, I assume it would be but I suppose they have certain regulations! I bet Niklas will reply in no time to give you an answer. Winking

2019-01-12 17:44 #7 by: Max

Remember many social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Google, You tube, Gmail etc etc are banned there.

2019-01-12 18:19 #8 by: Niklas

#5: I know that we haven't done anything actively to stop download and use of the app and website in China. If China does anything, we don't know about it. I have a faint memory of there being a member from China at Tea Savvity, but I can be mistaken.


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